Normal Delivery

What is normal delivery?

Normal vaginal birth is the process of child birth that takes place with no form of medical intervention at Nandana Hospital one of the best Normal delivery hospitals in guntur. To decrease the pain and speed up the process of delivery, medications may be used (you may also choose not to go for any medical intervention).

During this delivery at normal delivery clinics in Guntur, the main focus is on how and in which position the mother will be comfortable to deliver the child. The whole process of delivery can be led by the mother.

The obstetric specialist in Guntur and nurses help her to be alert for any kind of emergencies.

Stages of normal vaginal delivery

Three major stages a mother has to undergo during normal childbirth:

  1. Labour and effacement of the cervix.
  2. Pushing & birth of the baby.
  3. Delivering the placenta.

Benefits of vaginal delivery include:

  1. Low infection rate.
  2. Short hospital stays.
  3. Fast recovery compared to caesarean.
  4. Lower risk for babies in suffering from respiratory problems.
  5. No post-surgical haemorrhaging.